8237 Tihany, Kenderf√∂ld √ļt 18. 09:00-24:00 +36 30 590 2784


Welcome to one of the most beautiful beaches on Lake Balaton ūüôā

Our beach is located at one of the most beautiful points of Lake Balaton, on the northern shore, on the eastern side of Tihany Peninsula. We have a beautiful grass-sand beach area and an exclusive restaurant. Our beach offers comfortable sunbeds, sunshades, tables, and towels for guests. The sunbeds include complete service of beverages and food. Our beach menu consists of high quality, light meals and fresh drinks, cocktails. Further beach services: gazebo and SUP rentals.

Beach phone: +36 30 590 4769

  • Ticket price: HUF 5000/person
  • Small gazebo max 4 persons: HUF 40 000 (includes 4 persons tickets)
  • Big gazebo max 6 persons: HUF 55 000 (includes 6 persons tickets)
  • The entry price includes a towel and a deck chair. A small table with a parasol is available per 2 chairs (the deposit for the towel is HUF 2 500)
  • For children under the age of 3 the entry is gratis if deck chair is not included
  • Pets of any kind are prohibited from the area of PLAGE18
  • It is prohibited to play ball games, listen to loud music or carry out any activity that could disturb other guests!

SUP rental, SUP education, SUP yoga

Beach Menu

Miner water, soda


Draft beer

PLAGE 18 | 8237 Tihany, Kenderf√∂ld √ļt 19. Hungary